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Design for print and digital platforms. Brand Identities. Product development. Advertising & communications.

Hi! I’m Melissa

A creative with an incredible drive and passion for design. I enjoy solving problems, creating interest and getting consumers to interact with projects through digital and print design. I believe that by combining fresh new ideas, simplistic yet purposeful design and focusing on the humanity aspect that is always at the heart of every project, one can provide an enjoyable experience for the end-consumer. I’m dedicated and self-motivated to work on projects that are engaging, impactful and achieve objectives in an innovative and collaborative fashion. I’m currently searching for opportunities to apply my skills, grow and develop with like-minded individuals that produce exceptional creative work.

Graphic Design

Idea creation develops from the need for interest, reaction and/or interaction. Graphic design has taught me about the practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences through visual/textual content.

Digital Design

Designing for digital spaces quickly became one of my favorite mediums to design for. It has allowed me to combine all of my practices in one while satisfying my fixation with organization and problem solving. Digital spaces provide a level of versatility and endless possibility that allow for the creation of innovative and new experiences.

Art Direction

Building bonds and experiences requires an individual who is a jack of all trades. Someone who can see the before, during and after, and be there every step of the way. Someone who can execute the right insights and processes to build truly beautiful brand experiences.

Brain Storming

Having an interest in such a wide range of disciplines, practices, hobbies and individuals has helped me keep an open, diversified mind that is both curious and flexible. This never-ending curiosity has been essential in the development and conception of ideas.


At the heart of every product, project and campaign is a brand. Focusing my studies in advertising and communications has taught me the ins-and-outs of producing content that build, enhance and engage audiences with brands.


Photography is one of my oldest passions. I picked up my first film camera in high school and have been living behind the lens ever since. Even though it is just a hobby, the ability to treat and art direct images has been fundamental to my skills as a designer.

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